Past Teams

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Past Teams

Florence- Darlington Tech-NJCAA

Southeastern CC- (NC) NJCAA

Wesley College-NCAA- D-lll-March 4th-11thPenn College-NCAA- D-lll

Gwyneed Mercy University-NCAA- D-lll

University Of Wisconsin- Stout- NCAA- D-lll

Henry Ford College-NJCAA-

Cazenovia College-NCAA-D-lll

Keystone College-NCAA-D-lll

West Virginia State University- NCAA-D-ll

Hagerstown CC-NJCAA

Penn State University- Schuylkill-USCAA

Hilbert College-NCAA- D-lll

St. Louis CC- NJCAA

Robert Morris University- Springfield- USCAA

.Medaille College- NCAA- D-lll

Spalding University- NCAA-D-lll

Sarah Lawrence College-NCAA- D-lll

Principia College-NCAA-D-lll

Bay Path College-NCAA-D-lll

Penn State University- Harrisburg-NCAA-D-lll

Albertus- Magnus College-NCAA-D-lll

Summitt University-NCAA-D-lll

Ohio Christian University-NAIA

College of Lake County-NJCAA

Grove City College- NCAA- D-lll

Ursinus College- NCAA- D-lll

Harper College- NJCAA-

Brevard Umiversity- NCAA- D-lll

Ohio Valley University-NCAA-D-ll

Frederick Community College-NJCAA

Franciscan University-NCAA-D-lll

Wentworth Institute of Technology- NCAA- D-lll

University of Rio Grande- NAIA

University of Rio Grande -NAIA

Westminster College-NCAA- D-lll

Olney Central College-NJCAA


LaRoche College-NCAA- D-lll

Guilford College-NCAA-D-lll

Guilford College JV-NCAA D-lll

Genesee Community College-NJCAA

Eastern Mennonite University- NCAA- D-lll-

Kaskaskia College-NJCAA

University of Saint Joseph, CT.-NCAA- D-lll

South Suburban College-NJCAA

Malone University-NCAA- D-ll

Spartanburg Methodist College-NJCAA

Wilkes University- NCAA-D-lll

Macomb Community College- NJCAA

Alderson-Broaddus University- NCAA D-

William Woods University- NAIA-

Roosevelt University- NAIA

Kentucky Christian University-NAIA

Joliet Junior College- NJCAA

Rutgers-Camden- NCAA- D-lll

Gettysburg College- NCAA- D-lll

.Danville Area Community College- NJCAA

College of Mount Saint Vincent- NCAA-D-lll

Eureka College- NCAA-D-lll-

Regis College- NCAA- D-lll-

Waldorf University- NAIA-

Cedar Crest College- NCAA D-lll-

Penn State- Abington-NCAA-D-lll-

Shaw University- NCAA-D-ll-

Randolph College NCAA- D-lll-

Chatham University -NCAA-D-lll-

John Jay College- NCAA-D-lll-

Johnson State University- NCAA-D-lll-

Suny Polytechnic Institute- NCAA- D-lll

University of Mary Washington- NCAA-D-lll

Pitt Community College NJCAA-

Franklin Pierce University- NCAA- D-ll

Lycoming College- NCAA- D-lll-

Mansfield University- NCAA- D-ll-

Rend Lake College- NJCAA-

Millersville University NCAA D-ll-

Central Lakes College NJCAA-

Monroe College- NJCAA-

Suny Adirondack- NJCAA-

Rhode Island College- NCAA-D-lll-

PSU- Beaver- USCAA-

Prairie State College- NJCAA-

Lehman College- NCAA-D-lll-

.Anna Maria College- NCAA- D-lll-

.Alpena Community College- NJCAA-

.Sweet Briar College- NCAA-D-lll-

.Alfred State SUNY College of Tech- NCAA-D-lll-

.North Cemtral Missouri College-NJCAA-

.Mount Aloysius College- NCAA D-lll-

.King's College- NCAA- D-lll-

Florence Darlington Tech- NJCAA-

Rutgers University-Camden- NCAA-D-lll-

Keystone College-NCAA- D-lll- March

Chatham University- NCAA- D-lll- 

Principia College-NCAA-D-lll- March 12th- 19th

South Surburban College-NJCAA- March 12th-18th

Ohio Valley University- NCAA- D-ll- March 5th-12th

Robert Morris-Springfield--USCAA--March 6th-12th

Medaille College-NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Spalding University-NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-17th

Albertus- Magnus University-NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-19th

Hagerstown CC- NJCAA- March 6th-12th

LaRoche College-NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

New Jersey City University-NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Suny- Canton University- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Summitt University- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Gettysburg College- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Spartanburg Methodist College-NJCAA- March 6th-March 9th

Suny- New Paltz- NCAA-D-lll- March 21st-26th

Gwynedd- Mercy University- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Bay Path University- NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-19th

Regis College-NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-10th

Hilbert College- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Frederick College-NJCAA- Feb 28th- March 4th

Cazenovia College-NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-12th

Eastern Mennonite University- NCAA- D-lll- March 6th-11th

.Brevard College- NCAA- D-ll- March 3rd-6th

Penn College- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Henry Ford College- NJCAA- March 3rd- 11th

College of Saint Elizabeth- NCAA- D-lll- March 6th- 12th

Briar Cliff University- NAIA- March 5th-12th

Penn State- Altoona- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Emory & Henry College- NCAA- D-lll- March 6th-11th

Lycoming College- NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-12th

Alderson-Broaddus University- NCAA-D-ll- March 5th-12th

University of Wisconsin-Stout- NCAA-D-lll- March 12th-19th

University of Mary Washington- NCAA- D-lll- Feb. 27th-March 5th

Morrisville State University- NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-19th

Roosevelt University- NAIA- March 4th-12th

Anna Maria College- NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-12th

Hunter College- NCAA-D-lll- March 9th-13th

Millersville University- NCAA- D-ll- March 7th-12th

Malone University- NCAA-D-ll- March 7th-11th

Penn State-Schuylkill- USCAA- March 4th-9th

Wentworth Institute of Technology-NCAA-D-lll-March 6th-12th

Coastal Carolina University -NCAA- Club

University of Rio Grande- NAIA- March 5th-12th

University of Rio Grande JV- NAIA- March 5th-12th

Oakton Community College- NJCAA- March 11th-19th

Southeastern Community College, NC- March 15th

Greensboro College- NCAA- D-lll- March 6th-9th

Penn State-Berks- NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-9th

Pitt Community College- NJCAA- March 9th-12th

St. Louis Community College- NJCAA- March 10th-15th

Franciscan University- NCAA- D-lll- March 6th-12th

Eastern University- NCAA- D-lll- Feb 27th- March 5tth

Rhode Island-NCAA-D-lll- March 3rd-7th

Sweet Briar College-NCAA-D-lll March 5th-10th

Penn State-Abington- NCAA-D-lll March 6th-11th

Clarion University - NCAA-D-ll- March 9th &10th

Prairie State University NJCAA- March 14th-20th

West Virginia State University- NCAA- D-ll- Feb. 27th- March 5th   

Reinhardt University- NAIA- March 9,10 & 11

Wilkes University- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th- 12th

Lackawanna CC- NJCAA-March 5th-12th

MacMurry College- NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-12th

Danville Area CC- NJCAA- March 5th-12th

Mount Aloysius College- NCAA-D-lll March 5th-12th

Waldorf College- NAIA- March 5th-12th

Mohawk Valley CC- March 14th

Penn State- Harrisburg- NCAA-D-lll- March 5th-12th

Rochester CC- NJCAA- 5th-12th

St. Joseph's College- D-lll- March 5th-12th

Kings College- NCAA- D-lll- March 5th-8th

Olney Central College-NJCAA- March 2nd-8th

Delaware Tech CC- NJCAA- March 17th&18th

Herkimer CC- NJCAA- March- 17th & 18th

Albright University- NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-19th

Brookdale CC- NJCAA- March 13th

Eureka College- NCAA- D-lll- March 12th-19th 

Lewis & Clark- NJCAA- March 13th

Onodaga CC- NJCAA- March 15th

Sarah Lawrence NCAA- March 12th-17th

Southern Vermont College March 12th-20th

Mercer County CC- NJCAA- March 11th, 12th

SUNY-Poly- NCAA- D-lll March 5th-12th

Keystone College-NCAA-March 14th-20th

PSU- Altoona- NCAA-8th-14th

Suny- Canton- NCAA-March 7th-13th

Baptist Bible College- NCAA-March-7th-14th

York College-NCAA-March 18th-21st

Albertus Magnus College-NCAA-March 7th-14th

Bay Path College-NCAA-March 8th-13th

Principia College-NCAA-March 7th-14th

Montreat College-NAIA-March 7th-13th

Spalding University-NCAA-March 14th-19th

South Surburban College-NJCAA-March 3rd-13th

PSU-Berks-NCAA-March7th- 11th

Indiana Wesleyan University-NAIA-Feb 28th-March 7th

Messiah College- NCAA-March 5th-8th

Gwynedd- Mercy College- NCAA-Feb. 28th-March7th

Medaille College-NCAA-March 7th-13th

College of Lake County-NJCAA-March 7th-14th

Randolph College-NCAA-March 8th-13th

Florence Darlington Tech. College-NJCAA-March 6th,7th

Wesley College- NCAA-March 7th-14th

University of Dallas-NCAA-March 9th-12th

University of Pittsburg-Greensburg-NCAA-March 7th-12th

Frostburg State University-NCAA-March 15th- 21st

Ohio Valley University-NCAA-March 7th-13th

Kentucky Christian University- NAIA-March 14th-21st

Guilford College-NCAA-March 15th-18th

Henry Ford College-NJCAA-March 6th-March 15th

Cairn University-NCAA-March 8th-14th

Union College-NCAA-March 9th-march 14th

Robert Morris University- Springfield-NAIA-March 8th-15th

Meredith College-NCAA-March 8th-12th

Massasoit CC- NJCAA-March 13th-18th

College of Mount Saint Vincent -NCAA-March 14th-19th

Le Moyne College- NCAA- March 10th-12th

Cazenovia College- NCAA-March 7th-14th

Hilbert College-NCAA-March 6th-12th

Gettysburg College-NCAA-March 7th-14th

Rivier University-NCAA-March 7th-March 13th

Prairie State College-NJCAA-March 14th-21st

John Jay College-NCAA-Feb 27th-March 4th

Ursuline College-NCAA-March 7th-14th

Suny- New Paltz-NCAA-March 14th-21st

College of Saint Elizabeth-NCAA-March 9th-14th

Hagerstown CC-NJCAA-March 6th-13th

Greensboro College-NCAA-March 8th-12th

Rosemont College- NCAA-March-1st-7th

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-NCAA-March 12th-16th

Anna Maria College-NCAA-Feb. 28th-March 6th

Eureka College-NCAA-March 14th-19th

Louisburg College NJCAA-March 14th-20th

Rutgers University- Camden- NCAA-March 15th-21st

La Roche College- NCAA-March 7th-14th

Lycoming College-NCAA-March 7th-14th

Grove City College- NCAA-Feb.28th- March 7th

Frederick CC- NJCAA-March 1st-5th

Neumann University- NCAA- March 2nd-7th

Roosevelt University- NAIA-March 8th-13th

Seton Hill University- NCAA-March 7th-14th

Regis College- NCAA-March 1st-6th

Penn State- Fayette-USCAA- March 7th-11th

Alderson Broaddus University- NCAA- March 7th-14th

Penn State- Schuylkill- USCAA- March 6th-March 11th

Rowan University- NCAA- March 5th-8th

Sweet Briar College- NCAA- March 10th-14th

Wilkes University-NCAA- March-3rd,4th,5th

Mary Washington-NCAA-March-3rd,4th,5th

West Virginia State UniversityNCAA-March-3rd,4th,5th

Southeastern CC-NJCAA-March-3rd,4th


Onadaqua CC- NJCAA- March 18th

Lackawanna CC- NJCAA

Kings College- NCAA

PSU- Harrisburg- NCAA