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Park Rules


Facility Rules and Regulations


NMBP&R Staff or designee reserves the right to dismiss any spectator, players, coach or team who is in violation of the City of North Myrtle Beach regulations, ordinances and/or facility rules.  The following is prohibited at tournaments held at North Myrtle Beach facilities.


a.      Pets, other than service animals inside the complex.

b.      Personal coolers not allowed inside the complex.  1 team cooler is allowed per team in the dugout/player bench.

c.       Alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.

d.      NO smoking anywhere inside the park. (includes vaping and e-cigarettes)

e.      Weapons or firearms.

f.        Profanity.

g.      Disruptive behavior.

h.      Artificial noise makers.

i.        Soliciting.

j.        Soft-toss or “pepper” against fences or structures.

k.       Warm-up in places other than those designated for warm-ups

l.        The use of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or any other wheeled recreational device or apparatus.

m.    The use of unauthorized vehicles inside park gates.

n.       Parking allowed only in designated areas. All trailers must be detached and parked in one space.

o.      Non-compliance with posted warning and regulatory signs.

p.      Unauthorized personnel in scoring booths, meeting rooms, or other areas of the facility.

q.      Children under 12 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult.

r.        Placement of personal tents and other shade devices in unauthorized area